I am, a continuous state of becoming, that when viewed at any point in time is an affected state of being; a scene much like that exposed by the double slit experiment of quantum mechanics, in which an electron is confirmed as having dual wave/particle existence. The wave state successfully passes through all openings in a barrier presented, producing interference, yet when observed at a given point in time, manifests ‘physically’ as a particle.

The creative act emerges, out of the unfathomable depths of uncertainty, the feared chaos of the sea, perceived by the ordered consciousness of man whose feet are planted firmly upon the land. But that which is beneath his feet, providing for him the stable surface upon which to build his shelter, those mountains were once beneath the sea, they too move, just as the waves upon the surface of the ocean. Here lay the elusive thread in the visible net of order; all things, depending upon perception, relegate themselves to one state or another; static or dynamic, particle or wave, order or chaos. Change and uncertainty are the region from which new form and new order arise. And order, provides for man, that which is capable of being recognized. In life all things will be given time of such order and will again be claimed by the sea of chaos, just as the great mountains will one day travel back into the depths of the ocean. The power and vision of the artist lay in his ability to dance between the state of order and chaos, and manifest that which was once unrecognizable.

This is my way, and in the dance of making, I conjure moments of order only to smile as they are swallowed up again by chaos.

And so it is, that when caught at one moment my thoughts will be sturdy and cohesive, an ordered bounty of my action, brought out by a desire to know the language and forms able to be perceived by mankind and share in this experience. Though at another moment, that order will dissolve like crystals of salt into the sea of chaos, the place where I dive for stones found deep beneath its surface, my well and source, from which the rapture of life is invested in me, and I return with my bounty to share that which I have found and manifest it into form that can be perceived through the order of a conscious moment, shared among all things.

i am i